The $80K Month: From Freelance to Freedom


Stop grinding away for short-term gigs...

Imagine being able to sit on your couch and win jobs for 10, 20, or even 80 thousand dollars that only take a few weeks to complete. Gone are the days where you need to sift through job boards and beg for $200 and $300 gigs that only last a day or two, only to complete the gig and be right back where you started - broke and tired.

Discover how Alex and Trevor went from $3000 a month working paycheck-to-paycheck to landing huge gigs that pay tens of thousands of dollars for just a few weeks worth of work.

We decided to focus on these mammoth gigs so that we can create our own feature films, web series, and other passion projects without having to worry about where our next paycheck will come from. What will you do with all your free time?


What's Included?

10+ Hours of Content

High quality and easy to follow videos that go in-depth into each topic. We also provide audio files and transcripts for those who like to learn in other ways.

VIP Facebook Group

They say that you are the product of the 6 people you interact with the most. That's why having a strong network of like-minded individuals is crucial. Our VIP Facebook Group is just the place to meet, share, and discuss topics with people like you.

Exclusive Lead Generation App

Get lifetime access to a lead generation prospecting app called CineLeads that will help streamline your pitching process so you can snag more clients, faster.

Templates & Swipes

We are including proposal and pitch letter templates along with email swipes so you can copy-and-paste your way to new business.

Live Q&A Office Hours

You aren't alone in your journey. Trevor and Alex will be available to answer your questions during their regular live webcasts available only to the Cinema Summit Community.

Bonus Interviews & Videos

We wanted to include more than just our course materials, so we have added several bonus courses, interviews, and videos that we think will help you along the way.

A note from Alex & Trevor

Dear Fellow Filmmakers,

We all have our difficult moments when we are struggling and down on our luck. What matters is how you overcome the obstacles that are presented to you.


Several years ago, I quit my 9-5 job at a startup international film sales agency to get back into the trenches and back behind a camera doing what I loved. I dove, head first, into the unknown with no prospects and no safety net. 

Setting my sights on freelancing as a filmmaker, I hit Craigslist and the job boards like many do. I found myself getting a few gigs here and there. $500 one week, $300 the next week. Totaling about $1500 a month... YIKES!

The thought of having to call my parents one more time to send me money to pay rent made my blood boil, and having to eat one more meal of beans and tuna made me want to barf.


I had my own problems. I was still at my dead-end job, working 10-hour days in a position unrelated to my passion of filmmaking. 

I had to get out because I could feel my apathy sinking in as I sit behind my desk and microwave another lunch in the break room.

Sure, I had a decent paycheck to be able pay the bills. I had a 401K and an amazing health insurance plan... but I wasn't happy.


I saw what Alex was doing and knew it was closer to what I wanted, but I couldn't leave my steady job to live a life of uncertainty.


It was around that time that something happened. A miracle, it seemed like. We had formed our production company, knowing that we wanted to work together on projects, but we weren't doing much with it. 

Then, a project - a BIG project - fell in our lap. It was a corporate training video series for a major fortune 500 company!

On that one gig alone we made more than our yearly salaries combined...

That's when we knew we had to try to repeat the process, and we did. We wouldn't have even known about this world of videomaking had that project not fallen into our lap. 

We made several mistakes along the way, but have been able to streamline everything into repeatable actions that we aim to share with the Cinema Summit community.

Learn from our mistakes, our fortunate luck, and our persistence so you can create a profitable business for yourself in half the time, no miracles necessary.

Thank you for joining the Cinema Summit.

Happy shooting,

Alex Darke & Trevor L. Nelson

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What our community is saying:

"CINELEADS alone is worth the price of admission!"

There is so much value jam packed into this Summit. Alex and Trevor could have stopped with just the course, but all of the bonuses really kick this over the edge. CineLeads alone is worth the price of admission!

CHRIS JOHNSON //  ADPT Productions

"This Summit has been an invaluable resource for me and my company..."

I had started a company of my own a couple years ago. We had success with some commercial competitions, but never knew we could multiply our income by 10 the way Alex and Trevor describe. This Summit has been an invaluable resource for me and my company, and we will continue to grow thanks to the training we received.

MATTHEW BROWN  //  Wild Mind Productions

Get Out of This Endless Rat Race

The life of a freelancer sounds enticing and sexy. Work part time, plenty of days off, be your own boss (sort of). But in reality, being a freelance filmmaker is tough, even in big markets like Los Angeles and New York. 

The inherent problem with freelancing is that you are subject to what jobs are available at any given time, sub-par  rates, and the gigs typically last only a few days. Once a project is over you are back in the hot seat looking for your next one before the couple hundred dollars you just made burns through your pocket.

We've all seen the job postings like this...

It's time to ditch the job boards and make your own jobs... time to stop being underpaid and start being paid like a skilled professional.

This is what our current summit is all about. Turn your passion into profit!

Summit Overview

We have structured this Summit in a linear order to simplify the learning process. We start with the basic requirements and move into finding potential clients. From there we take you in the studio and produce a finished interview from beginning to end with you over our shoulder. After that is the fun part... collecting the money!

Take a look at the summit modules:


Should I buy a RED Epic for $40,000? We go through the requirements for all production companies. From Beginner to Pro, we go outline all of the necessary equipment and how you can get it to start creating awesome videos right away (even if you can't afford it).


Get your Don Draper on. Marketing is super important and we give you all of the tools needed to highlight your company in the best light. Create a reel, a website, and everything else to show that you are a legit operation.


Sniff out the money like a blood hound. Find and nurture leads so they are praying you have time in your schedule to work with them. We go over the included CineLeads app as well as other methods for digging up prospects who want to work with you.


Cast a spell on your future clients like Lance Burton. Pitching is an art form in itself. We set you up for success with templates and swipe files that can get the juices flowing and prospects salivating at the thought of getting you on their team.


Don't go into the battle blindfolded. Preparation is just as important as the shoot itself. Find out what needs to be done before you show up on set to ensure smooth sailing along the way.


The ultimate production bootcamp. In this module, we go the distance by showing you every detail of shooting a video. From setting up cameras and lights to recording sound and finding the story, we put you over our shoulder as we shoot a video from beginning to end.


The film is in the can, but now what? In some cases you will be able to hand off your footage, but why leave the money on the table when you can add editing, color correction, motion graphics, and sound mixing services to your bill?


The home stretch. After you deliver your videos, it's time to get paid! We go over everything from invoicing to payroll and how to find even more work once your project is complete.


Bonus #1 - Automating Your Income. Some people don't want to do all the work themselves. We get it! In this bonus video we go over outsourcing all of the production tasks and putting together a team of professionals that can make you money.


Bonus #2 - Secondhand Studio. Equipment is expensive. And with your newly profitable production company, renting equipment seems like throwing money away. In this bonus tutorial, we show you how we find amazing deals on film equipment and purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear for pennies on the dollar.


Bonus #3 - Lifetime Access to the exclusive CineLeads App. This is worth the cost of the summit itself. You will have immediate access to the video lead prospecting tool CineLeads where you can find companies who need your services and pitch to them right from the app.


Bonus #4 - Exclusive Interview with Logan Burdick. Don't take our word for it. We bring in our friend and colleague Logan Burdick, former owner of Dawn Machine and now Head of Production at Pocket.Watch to talk about creating his company and how he turned his company into an executive career.


Bonus #5 - Templates and Swipe Files. Copy-and-paste is just so much easier than toiling over wording. That's why we've included templates and swipe files for proposals, emails, and more - for you to get off the ground as fast as possible.

Alex Darke & Trevor L. Nelson //  Creators

Alex Darke and Trevor L. Nelson are the team behind Cinema Summit and the co-owners of their production company Gilded Cinema.

The Duo has created the 3-time Emmy-nominated series Larry King Now for the past 5 years, lighting, shooting and editing thousands of interviews with celebrities and politicians during those years.

In addition to producing two feature films and shooting dozens of television shows, Alex and Trevor's company Gilded Cinema has had the opportunity to create promotional, educational, and interview videos for several Fortune 500 companies including AARP, Bank of America, USC, and Merrill Lynch.

Their very first endeavor in the corporate world garnered them a payday of over $80,000 and they haven't looked back since.

Companies We've Worked With:

Companies NEED Videos to Stay Relevant...

"One-third of online activity is spent watching videos."

If a company isn't creating video to spread their brand, they are behind. The internet is a huge source for information and entertainment. If you can capture those two things for your clients, then they will come back for more.

WORDSTREAM  //  37 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics for 2017

"18 is the average number of videos published by businesses each month."

Savvy business know the importance of consistently releasing videos and maintaining "top-of-mind" status with their customers. These clients will bring repeat business to your production company.

HUBSPOT  //  16 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your Q4 Strategy

"Videos generate 1200% more shares than text and image combined."

These kind of numbers make it very difficult for companies to ignore your pitch. Digital video is still relatively new, and most people don't have the skills needed to create engaging videos. This is where you come in...

BRIGHTCOVE  //  Video Marketing Statistics for 2016

The Best Time to Start Profiting from Your Production Company is Now!

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Alex Darke & Trevor L. Nelson

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