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Filmmaking Education for All

"To film school or not to film school..." 

This question comes up over and over again.

Trevor and I both attended the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts, and while it was an incredible experience where we met dozens of people we still work with to this day, we both agree that we learned the most from hands-on practical experience outside of class.

In addition, we are both huge supporters of self-taught continuing education. There are many great places to learn various aspects of the filmmaking process, and we have participated in many of the options available to further our own skills and expertise.

Inspired by this, we felt the calling to share everything we've learned over the years on our own website that we have dubbed Cinema Summit.

Cinema Summit is an educational blog where we create videos, interview filmmakers, write articles and share our experiences with the filmmaking community.

We encourage you to get involved, ask questions, share your work, an become a part of the Cinema Summit community.

The Dynamic Duo

Trevor & Alex circa 2009, when they thought they were cool.

We are Alex Darke and Trevor L. Nelson, creators of Cinema Summit. If you desire to create an independent film, television show, or web series - or just want to learn more about creating a sucessful career for yourself in the film industry but don't know where to start, then this page is for you.

Our belief system in helping you learn is simple: share the truth,​​​​ be honest, work hard, and lead by example. That is what we are all about and that is what Cinema Summit is all about.

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