Creating a Micro Series for the Web: Part 1 – Concept

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Zach and Chris give you the skinny on the project, their company, and what they do. Visit for more info.

How to Get Started

What were the first steps to creating the idea for I'm Sorry? The team did an idea dump and narrowed it down to the best idea for this project.

The 'I'm Sorry' Concept

Zach and Chris landed on a concept that really served them and the budget they were given. Each episode followed a single improviser apologizing to someone about something in 90 seconds or less, in one take.

Diversifying Episodes

Utilizing assets at hand to get the most value on-screen is key to creating a low budget project of any kind. The same is true for I'm Sorry. 

Story Concept Meetings

Though Zach and Chris utilized a slew of crazy talented improvisers, every episode had a pre-conceived story.

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