How 5 Second Films Made Their First Viral Video

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Going Viral

It's every YouTuber's Christmas wish to "go viral" or have a viral video. But what does it take? There are companies and digital startups that spend millions of dollars trying to decipher the code of virality to send their videos into the stratosphere of internet lore. But despite their many resources, there are still no surefire ways to make every video hit the viral mark.

Some Thoughts

Here are some things to think about when it comes to "going viral":

  1. Sharing is Caring - If you want people to share your content, one school of thought is to hit them in the heartstrings. If they really care about the video that you've put out there and are struck by the message, they are far more likely to share it with their friends.
  2. Tell a Story - Humans are hardwired to hear and tell stories. (Insert shot of cavemen sitting around a fire grunting and drawing images in blood on cave walls) Presenting stories to people increases your chance of being shared, because people love stories. If your video is just a firing range of information, you are less likely to be shared. Add a sprinkle of story.
  3. Maximize Social Currency - I can't take credit for the term "social currency", but it is a great thought when trying to master the art of going viral. Have you ever seen something online that you couldn't wait to share with your friends because you knew you'd get some kind of cool points by being the one to show them first? We've all done that. If you can be the video that people want to share to be cool, then you've reached peak viral potential.

So What Does That Mean?

Michael Rousselet and 5SF capitalized on the last option with pretty much every video they made. The videos are super short, wacky, unexpected, and hilarious. So, if you knew about this funny group of people making these videos, you were in the cool kids club. Sharing them with your friends and seeing them nearly spit their chocolate milk out their noses laughing gave you that social currency and upped your cool points for being in the know about such amazing things.

Again. These are just theories. They don't ALWAYS work. And listen to what Rousselet has to say about it. They didn't know what they were doing, necessarily, when it happened. And sometimes, that's even better.

Be sure to check out 5 Second Films and Dude Bro Party Massacre 3.

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