NBF 010: The Mobile Phone Revolution

Avatar Cinema Summit | June 26, 2018

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No-Budget Filmmaking: Episode 10

We made it to double digits! Thanks for all the listens! Alex and Trevor examine the growing trend of shooting your next project on a mobile phone. With iPhones and Androids getting better and better cameras, is the phone in your pocket a viable option to shoot your next project? If it worked for Soderbergh, it must be ok for you, right? The duo talks about the pros and cons of using your phone as your next cinema camera.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Unsane & Tangerine
  • Creating a More Appealing Form Factor and Handling
  • Settings for the Phone (plus apps that will help, like Filmic Pro)
  • check
    Accessories to Create Better Films
  • check
    Media Management
  • check
    Focus Pulling & Other Issues that May Arise

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26 Views 0 Ratings Rate it



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