NBF 012: Film to New Media to Film Again, An Interview with Logan Burdick

Avatar Cinema Summit | July 10, 2018

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No-Budget Filmmaking: Episode 12

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Intro [01:24]

Learning the Craft [09:36]

Moving to Digital [28:34]

Who Is Logan? [02:24]

Film School [11:36]

Selling a Script [39:26]

Letter to Spielberg [08:02]

The Big Short [17:50]

Advice [59:46]

If you ask 1,000 people what their journey in the film industry was like, you'll probably get 1,000 completely different answers. It's a strange industry with no set path to success. In this episode, Alex and Trevor chat with Logan Burdick, a filmmaker who has climbed through the ranks of the digital series and new media worlds and has come back around to the feature film world with his newly penned movie "Rhino" just wrapping up post-production. He gives us some insights into how he got his foot in the digital space and how he managed to make that transition into feature films.

37 Views 5 On 1 Rating Rate it



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