Photo Bashing Concept Art in Photoshop

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A brief introduction into what we will be learning in this tutorial

Finding Images

Different places to find royalty free images, plus some Google image search tips

Extra Elements

Smoke, lens flares, and sparks

Starting the Image

What are the first steps once you have your background plate?

Selections and Compositing

Using the pen tool to create selections and adding elements into your composit

Creating the Silhouette

Create a selection of your images and painting them black

Adding a Shadow

Using the paint tool, simply add a shadow under our monster

Adding Noise

The noise texture creates some of the sparks that are flying

Bringing in the Sparks

Utilize our spark elements and add them into the scene

Smoke it Up

We now bring in the smoke elements and add them the same way

Adding Grain

Grain helps bring the whole image together

Lens Flares

Making J.J. Abrams Proud


We've Done It!

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