filmmakers: are you still freelancing?

Alex & Trevor From Gilded Cinema Take You Step-By-Step Through Their Process of How They Went From $3,000 per Month as Freelancers to $80,000 per Month as a Production Company.

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own production company but don't have a stockpile of start up funds? Maybe you don't want to be tied down to investors who can influence your creative decisions. Alex and Trevor have done exactly that, and they'll show you how you can do it too! Watch the video to see the full story.

Anyone can buy a camera, build a reel, and jump into the overcrowded freelance pool.  But how do you move away from the oh-so-common $200 per day freelance gigs and start making your dream income as a production company?  You don't need a studio filled with equipment to start, but we'll show you how to get there if you so desire.  All it takes is determination, knowledge, and execution of a solid plan.  All of which can be learned!

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